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What to know before travel to Iran

1-Get up-to-the-minute info from other travellers on the iran branch of the Thorn Tree:

2-Get visa through Agency in iran and don't waist your time in iranian embassies

3-Ta'arof(very confusing iranian cultural rule for politeness) ,if you ask a taxi "How much?" and he answer "Ghabeli Nadare" it means "don't mention it" but this is Ta'arof and you must say thank you and after 2 or 3 times he will accept your money.

4-get some information about today politic of iran to discuss with young iranian who are politician generation.

5-there is a lot of zero in iranian money,but confusing part is writing in Rials and Talking in Tooman(One zero less than Rials)

6-if you have travel books like Lonely planet or Etc , prices are higher than what you have on them because of inflation 13% to 25%

7-No Credit cart And travel Cheque Accepted in iran

8-Alcoholic Drinking NO

9-If you are a Carpet collector, be sure iran is your Paradise

10-Outside WCs mostly doesn't have toilet papers

11-siesta time will close most of shop and some monument as well ( 13:00 to 16:00)

12-driving in iran is horrible so do crosswalk training if you don't want to have hospital visit.

13- bring your family photo if you want to communicate closer to Iranian

14-mineral water are in all over country founded but even though tap water is drinkable and good.

15-to fly back to home, sometimes you need 2 hours to pass Tehran traffic and reach IKA Airport.

16-pickpocket are not common in Iran but wear a money belt and put your hand on your wallet or purse in all busy places in crowded city

17-don't buy/sell currency from dealers around imam square in Isfahan or Karimkhan Castle in Shiraz,in exchange shops has better rate.

18-there is a lot of holidays in Iran that some of them close museum and monument as well, check it out from reception in hotel if you have holiday in your itinerary.

19-Farsi is spoken language throw the country ,phrase book is a useful item to carry because most of population don't speak any foreign language.

20-if you are fan of classic,drama and sad movies don't hesitate to watch movies from some iranian world famous directors like: Abbas Kiarostami ,Mohsen Makhmalbaf and his daughters, Jafar Panahi , Bahman Ghobadi , Majid Majidi and Asghar Farhadi. if you don't have time to search their movies , don't miss movies 1- Nader and Simin,a separation "Oscar candidate" 2- Taste of cherry 3- persepolis animation

21- if you don't have time to read iran History, at Least search about: Achaemenids Empire , Cyrus the great, Darius the great, Sassanians Era , Safavid Era , Shah Abbas


Tour guide of all guides... Tour guide of all guides...

Mohsen’s welcome to Iran is an irresistible mix of Iranian pride, showmanship and consummate professional guidance.
Mohsen introduced us to historical and cultural perspectives of Iran with at once ease, enthusiasm, purpose and charm that could move Iranian mountains - let alone any hindering individuals or circumstances. The idea with Mohsen is to trust you’re in the best hands – for you are – and relax and enjoy Iran and Iranians as portrayed by him. Mohsen paints a memorable picture, one you hope to revisit. Thank you Mohsen for your individual passion, professional commitment, and unforgettable Iranian experience. Luisa, Australia, 10-25/9/11.

I cannot imagine a better travel guide for Iran than Mohsen I cannot imagine a better travel guide for Iran than Mohsen

Mohsen's wide and detailed knowledge about Iran's history and culture, together with his organisational skills, total reliability, excellent English and charming personality (great sense of humour), provided us with an unforgettable and care-free introduction to his beautiful country. With his passion for Iranian culture and his very perceptive awareness of our needs and interests he tailored a trip that exceeded our very high expectations, organising delightful surprises along the way like an unexpected picnic in a scenic spot. Mohsen is extremely well connected, and travelling with him means special attention in hotels and restaurants. He also is an excellent driver and we always felt totally safe which is no mean feat in Iran's chaotic traffic. In short, Mohsen was a travel companion rather than a tour guide, and we are telling all our friends to travel through Iran with him.