Trekking Tour

Trekking Tour 

Tour Name
: Trek from Alamut Valley to Kelar Dasht
Suitable time: Late June, Jul, Aug & Sept. 

Program Highlights: 
-Trek in one of the most beautiful mountainous parts of Iran surrounded by mountains over 4,000 m height. 
-The program includes climbing up and down Caravanserai Col/saddle (3,300 m) and Gardooneh Kuh Col (3,900 m) 
-Visit the remains of an old famous castle of the Assassins known as “Alamut castle” (belongs to Hassan Sabah Movement – dating  back to the 11th  century A.D.) 
- The walking type this  trip of this  is normal involving up to 5 to 7 hours  walking a day. 

Day 1: Tehran-Qazvin -Alamoot

Driving from Tehran to Qazvin and Alamut valley via  visit the ruins of Lammassar castle- transfer to Evan Lake (about 210 km)  – O/N camp near the lake

Day2: Alamoot- start trek

Driving to  Gazour Khan village & Alamut castle to visit the remains of the castle ,then transfer to Garma Rood village (about 55 km) then start trek to Pich-e-Bone.O/N camp (about 4 hrs trek)

Day3: Treking
Trek to Caravanserai Col ( 3,300 m where the ruins of an old caravansary is seen) and  then to  Salaj Anbar - O/N camp (about 5 hrs trek)

day 4: Se Hezar

Trek to stair stepped village of Maran and also  villages of Sharsoon, Darjan, and Miyan Rood - O/N camp or rural house (about 6 hrs trek)

day 5: Hesar Chal
Trek to Ab-e-Garm (spa water) – Garoo Chal - O/N camp (about 6 hrs trek)

Day 6: Hesar Chal
Climb Gardooneh Kooh col (about 3,900 m)  via Garoo Chal – descend Hesar Chal – camp near Hesar Chal spring  (totally about 7 hrs)

Day 7:Kelar Dasht-Tehran
Descend Tang-e-Galoo (about 2 hrs) – transfer to Rood Barak & Tehran (about 220 km) 
All the above suggested trekking programs can be mixed with cultural trips as well. For more information please email